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Alicia Escott

Artist and co-founder of The Bureau of Linguistical Reality

Wiring Harness Installation Instructions is an interdisciplinary artist based in San Francisco. Her work is informed by scientific study and the examination and undoing of cultural narratives. She practices in solidarity with thinkers across fields undoing the construct of “nature” as a thing separated from us and our world. Escott is interested in how we each are negotiating our immediate day-to-day realities and responsibilities amid an awareness of the overarching specter of climate change, mass-extinction and the subsequent unspoken individual and collective experience of loss, heartbreak and longing— and the related social and political unrest it produces. She feels nostalgia for the Last Universal Common Ancestor from which all life on earth is descended when we were all connected— but lucky to be born in a moment of unprecedented species diversity that she has witnessed diminished in her own lifetime.
Her work has been shown in over 80 art institutions, galleries and alternative spaces and reviewed in Momus, The San Francisco Chronicle and others. Escott is a founding member of 100 Days Action who were a recipient of the 2017 YBCA 100 List Award. She is half of the Social Practice Project The Bureau of Linguistical Reality that have been featured in The Economist, The New Yorker, The San Francisco Chronicle, KQED, ABC News and others. She works Nationally, Internationally and locally.