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2019 Natural Capital Symposium

InVEST in Practice: Case Studies from Around the World

March 20, 2019 - 8:00 am to 9:30 am

Electronic Ballast Diagram Group Picture Image By Tag Abstract: InVEST in Practice features a diverse set of case studies where InVEST was used to answer questions related to land use change, economic valuation of natural areas, inclusion of ES in watershed management, and more.  Case studies span a breadth of geographies (e.g. Africa, India, Central America, USA, China) and feature a number of different models including blue carbon, sediment, water yield, recreation, and others.  The session will include short talks from a number of presenters followed by Q&A.

Moderator: Nirmal Bhagabati, World Wildlife Fund – US

Featured Speakers:

  • Marcello Hernandez-Blanco, Economic Valuation of the Ecosystem Services Provided by the Mangroves of the Gulf of Nicoya using a hybrid methodology
  • Kwadwo Kyenkyehene Kusi, Prospective evaluation of the impact of land-use change on ecosystem services in the Ourika watershed, Morocco
  • Muniyandi Balasubramania, Economic value and Mapping of Natural Capital: The Case of Three Protected Areas in India
  • Tiantian Ma, Four decades’ dynamics of coastal blue carbon storage driven by land use/land cover transformation under natural and anthropogenic processes in the Yellow River Delta, China
  • Joan U. Ureta, Stormwater Management and Water Quality: Using Invest Model to Estimate BMPs Contribution at a Landscape Level
  • Lucas Clay, Carbon Sequestration in South Carolina Forests: How Land Use Change Affects Carbon Storage
  • Deissy Andrea Arango Gonzalez, Pilot case: Application of a route for the inclusion of ecosystem services in planning in Ariari river basin – Meta Colombia
Session Track: 
Special Topics