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2019 Natural Capital Symposium

Climate Risk, Infrastructure, and Sustainable Development

March 18, 2019 - 9:00 am to 10:30 am

1991 Chevrolet Iroc Z Fuse Box Diagram Abstract:  Access to infrastructure is essential for supporting human well-being and inclusive development. At the same time, infrastructure is already one of the leading drivers of environmental degradation, and its impacts on the environment are likely to greatly increase over the coming decades, in conjunction with increasing impacts of climate change. How can we influence sustainable infrastructure development to ensure that biodiversity, ecosystem services and climate resilience are priorities as billions are invested in the coming decades? This session will feature recent advances and innovations in addressing tradeoffs between infrastructure development, climate resilience and environmental sustainability.

Moderator: Nirmal Bhagabati, World Wildlife Fund

Featured speakers include:

  • Lisa Mandle, Natural Capital Project
  • Thaddeus Pawlowski, Columbia University
  • Ryan Bartlett, World Wildlife Fund
  • Giuseppe Buscarnera, Northwestern University
  • Ning Liu, Guggenheim Partners
  • Rajiv Sharma, Stanford University
Session Track: 
Pathways to Impact